Last update: 05/05/2022

I share here some articles written in English (or translation of already published articles in French) and last news.

I believe that knowledge and science must be accessible to the largest number of people. To do so, I share as much as possible through popularization activities, such as presentations or popularization articles that I write alone or with collaborators (students, researchers, industrial collaborators). I am also the editor of two french blogs: the Blog Binaire, a popular science blog dedicated to computer science for the general public, and the blog Scilog “Mechanical Intelligence” dedicated to digital sciences.
As an author, I try to make my job as a researcher accessible and as an editor, I participate in the reading of the contributions and I accompany the authors who wish to write popularization articles.

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How are life episodes stored in the brain?

Last update: 27/02/2023 Here is the adapted version of the answer I posted on Quora (French version) to the question “How are memories stored in the brain?” 4 years ago.As this question has come up again recently…

Digital Health and Digital mental health: an introduction

Short introduction: Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms together with advances in data storage have made it possible to better characterize, predict, prevent, and treat a range of psychiatric illnesses. The rapidly growing number of biological devices and the…

Paper accepted at APIA@PFIA 2022

Last update: 20/07/2022 From Monday, June 27th to Friday, July 1st, PFIA 2022 is held!PFIA is the Artificial Intelligence Platform for the French-speaking academic and industrial AI community! The objective of the platform is to bring together…


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