Paper accepted at APIA@PFIA 2022

Last update: 20/07/2022

From Monday, June 27th to Friday, July 1st, PFIA 2022 is held!
PFIA is the Artificial Intelligence Platform for the French-speaking academic and industrial AI community!

The objective of the platform is to bring together researchers, industrialists and students around conferences and workshops in AI.

How? by organizing 8 simultaneous conferences, 5 workshops, tutorials and thematic days!

I am very happy to announce that my team and I have been accepted to the APIA conference, Practical Applications of Artificial Intelligence. We presented the XR-CSB (eXplainable Representation of Complex System Behavior) methodology dedicated to the visual explanation of the behavior of a complex system over time.
XR-CSB is based on three steps: (i) a vertical clustering to detect system states, (ii) an explainable visual representation using unfolded finite state automata, and (iii) an explainable pre-modeling based on an enrichment via exploratory metrics. We proposed four representations of this behavior evaluated by domain experts. Experiments show that XR-CSB is scalable and meets the experts’ expectations in terms of explainability and intelligibility.

You can find the article and the slides of the presentation, both in french since the APIA is a french conference, at the following links:

Proceedings of the conference and articles: >>The link to the article:

>>the link to the proceedings (our paper is page 102) :


PFIA 2022 website:

APIA 2022 website:

Few words about APIA: Even if this conference’s proceedings are in French, English submissions are welcomed and accepted (which is true for all the conferences held in PFIA). APIA asks specifically for the camera-ready version in French, but it is not the case for all PFIA’s conferences. So if you think that your work belongs to one of the conferences of PFIA, you should consider submitting to that conference and joining the French-speaking academic and industrial AI community.